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Serving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties in Central Pennsylvania.

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Who We Are and What We Do

United Way of the Capital Region works year-round to improve lives in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties. We do this by identifying critical community needs, finding solutions to those needs and demonstrating how these solutions are making a difference.

At United Way of the Capital Region, we focus on health, education, income and basic needs because these are the building blocks for a better life for us all. We help support more than 70 programs and services to create solutions to the needs in our community. We also launch our own initiatives and partner with local organizations and corporations to keep pace with our ever-changing community.


Mission Statement

United Way of the Capital Region’s mission is to improve lives in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties by identifying critical community needs, finding solutions to those needs, and demonstrating how these solutions are making a difference.


Strategic Plan

In 2013, United Way of the Capital Region completed an intensive and thorough strategic planning process. We looked at changes in the community, talked to program partners, business leaders, donors, volunteers, government leaders and people working in the areas of health, education and basic needs.

More than 1,900 people responded to our surveys and many attended focus groups. Through this process we learned that for far too many people, life in the Capital Region is not getting better. 

In fact:

  • One in seven children lives in poverty.
  • One in seven young people don’t graduate from high school.
  • The income gap continues to increase resulting in a shrinking middle class.
  • Needs continue to increase while government resources decrease.

United Way of the Capital Region understands that no one organization can solve our community’s issues, but we believe we can find solutions when we all work together. United Way wants to take the lead to make this happen. 

The approach is called collective impact and it’s a new way of doing business for our United Way. It requires that everyone work together in partnership to find new and innovative ways to address the most pressing needs in our community. (Learn more about Collective Impact.)

We call our strategic plan our road map to the future, because it truly is a just that – our plans for 2014 and beyond. Our plan is fluid, transparent and flexible depending on the environment. 

Our first step was an assessment of community needs. For more information, view the story on "Life in the Capital Region: 2014 Assessment of Our Community."


Code of Ethics

United Way of the Capital Region is committed to the highest ethical standards.  Because the community places such a unique trust in United Way, we have a special obligation to act responsibly.

Our Code of Ethics is based on our mission and guided by our core values:  Integrity, Impact, Volunteerism, Inclusiveness and Community Leadership.

View our complete Code of Ethics.

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