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Serving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties in Central Pennsylvania.

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Focus Care Areas

At United Way of the Capital Region, we focus on health, education, income and basic needs because these are the building blocks for a better life for us all. We help support more than 70 programs and services to create solutions to the needs in our community. We also launch our own initiatives and partner with local organizations and corporations to keep pace with our ever-changing community.

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Focus Care Council Details

Each Focus Care Council is supported by United Way staff members and is comprised of a volunteer council chair and 8 - 12 community volunteers who serve as council members. Council members represent the public, private and business sectors of our community, as well as faith-based organizations. Council members also include individuals whose knowledge makes them “experts” in their field of review. Each Council is assigned a specific area of focus: Health, Education, Income or Basic Needs.

Councils examine the ongoing and emerging needs of our community as they relate to their area of focus. They review existing programs to determine whether services are currently available to address identified needs, whether the existing programming is efficient and effective, or if there is a gap in the service delivery system. Council members use the knowledge they have gained through their experience, position, education and community contacts in the review process. Research data is supplied by council members, United Way staff and service providers. The Councils then determine which needs are most critical. They may recommend using additional funding or another strategy to address the identified needs.

United Way has created a report that provides a snapshot of our collective work in 2014. View our Building Blocks piece to learn more about these efforts.

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