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Serving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties in Central Pennsylvania.

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For Non-Profits

United Way of the Capital Region (UWCR) provides a variety of services and financial support to non-profits in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties. These services help non-profits improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs and services.

Currently Funded Programs:

If your agency has a program currently funded by UWCR, you can find a wealth of information in this area. A complete listing of the programs and services funded by UWCR can be found here, as well as information on upcoming meetings, Community Investment Facts and the Frank Grady Professional Award.

How to Receive UW Funding:

UWCR is best known for providing financial support to non-profits through its annual fundraising campaign and grant programs. United Way directs funding to local programs and services that address critical needs and demonstrate a measurable difference in the lives of people in our community.

Presently, our United Way offers three funding streams to non-profits: Annual Allocations and Community Response Fund Grants. Community Response Fund Grants are open to any non-profit offering services in the Capital Region. Annual Allocations are only open to previously selected and approved programs. Information on these funding opportunities can be found here.

Training and Technical Assistance:

Information on services provided by UWCR to non-profits, including training, outcome measurement, recruitment of volunteers and new board members, in-kind donations of equipment and supplies, and creation of community groups to address emerging needs can be found here.

Studying Community Needs:

UWCR conducts research and assesses the evolving health and human service needs of the Capital Region on an ongoing basis. This research helps target United Way resources toward the most pressing needs of our community, as well as promote awareness of these issues. Here you will find our most recent community needs and assets study.

Volunteer Center:

The Volunteer Center is a program of UWCR that offers a tremendous amount of services and support to non-profits. The center serves as a clearinghouse for volunteer activities in the Capital Region and as an advocate for volunteerism. Additionally, the Center supports the recognition of volunteers and coordinates access to in-kind donations. You can find more information on these services here.

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