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Serving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties in Central Pennsylvania.

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Q: What does UWCR do?

A: Since 1921, UWCR’s mission has been to help change lives. UWCR raises money through an annual community wide campaign, identifies long-term and emerging needs, funds programs and services to address those needs, and provides quantifiable results to donors that show how their dollars are working.

Q: Does my donation stay local?

A: Yes! Ninety-eight percent of the money donated to United Way of the Capital Region’s COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT, or general, fund stays right here. Your gift to the fund supports nearly 100 of the most effective and innovative programs and services that benefit people living in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties.

Q: Does my donation really help this community?

A: Yes. Last year, your donation helped more than 185,000 residents living in the Capital Region. As part of our commitment to provide more measurable results, UWCR requires all programs requesting funding to provide quantifiable examples of how they are helping change lives. Here are just some of the results achieved by UWCR-funded programs:

  • Help Keep Vital Medications Available
    United Way has distributed more than 20,000 free discount prescription cards to the under- and uninsured in our community. The cards provide savings of up to 50 percent on brand name and generic drugs to people and families who need it most.
  • Help Keep Teens Within a Healthy Weight
    In 2006, 64 percent of the youth enrolled in a United Way-funded program that addresses obesity through education, exercise and nutritional guidance, lost weight. One hundred percent of these children decreased their percentage of body fat.

Q: Why should I give to United Way?

A: Because United Way of the Capital Region helps change lives. Donors who give to UWCR’s COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT, or general, fund know they are supporting programs and services that meet our community’s most pressing needs. That’s because every funding request goes through an extensive evaluation by people, like you, who live right here in the Capital Region.

Q: Does my money pay for United Way events?

A: No. Special events, such as Day of Caring and the Celebration Reception, are designed to boost morale and create enthusiasm among volunteers. These events are paid for through ticket costs and corporate sponsorships.

Q: How much of every dollar I contribute goes directly to programs and services?

A: Beginning this year, 100 percent of the money United Way of the Capital Region (UWCR) raises and distributes from individual donors in our community through our Capital Region campaign will be directed to programs and services.

We are able to do this for the first time in our history thanks to a group of dedicated contributors who are helping to underwrite our already very low administrative and fundraising costs.

Q: Can I help?

A: Absolutely! Simply contact The Volunteer Center at UWCR at 717.732.0700 to find out about volunteer opportunities with United Way and within the community.

Q: What is your relationship to United Way of America and other local United Ways?

A: UWCR is a separate organization with its own financial controls in place to ensure your gift is used appropriately. UWCR pays dues to United Way of America and United Way of Pennsylvania, which amount to 1.1 percent of the total dollars raised, for use of the United Way name and logo, research, best practices information, national advertising and the cost of staff training and development.

Q: What is United Way's position on coercion or forced giving?

A: UWCR’s Board of Directors has adopted the following policy on coercion:

“Giving is a personal matter and a personal decision; whether an individual wishes to give and how much he or she chooses to give, is entirely up to the individual and no form of coercion is acceptable.”

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