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Q: What does United Way of the Capital Region do?

A: The mission of United Way of the Capital Region is to improve lives in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties by identifying the most pressing community needs, finding solutions to those needs, and demonstrating how these solutions are making a difference.

We live our mission by addressing the root causes of the most pressing issues facing our community. In 2017, United Way and our community partners launched three pilot projects to improve access to health care, school readiness and workforce development.

We continue to be a community fundraiser and a place where volunteers can connect with local opportunities. We also remain committed to basic needs services to ensure people have access to resources in urgent situations.

Q: Does my donation stay local?

A: Yes! Your gift helps support our three new community pilot projects in access to health, school readiness and workforce development, as well as basic needs services in urgent situations.

Q: Why should I give to United Way?

A: Because just like you, United Way of the Capital Region aspires for a stronger, more vibrant place to call home. For this to happen, individuals and families need those essential building blocks that support a quality life – health, education,income and basic needs. Our United Way wants to help more people have this foundation. To do this, we have transitioned our work to focus on the root causes of issues before they grow into problems. Learn more about our work.

Q: Does my money pay for United Way events?

A: No. Special events, such as Day of Caring and the Celebration Event, are designed to boost morale and create enthusiasm among volunteers. These events are paid for through ticket costs and corporate sponsorships.

Q: How much of my contribution goes directly to programs and services?

A: 95 percent of the money we raise and distribute from individual donors through our Capital Region campaign is directed to local programs and services. United Way of the Capital Region is able to do this thanks to a group of corporate contributors, called Cornerstone Partners, who help underwrite the majority of our very low administrative and fundraising costs of 16.8 percent. We also receive support from perpetual trusts and investment income to help provide this program.

Q: Can I help?

A: Absolutely! Simply contact The Volunteer Center at United Way of the Capital Region at 717.732.0700 to find out about volunteer opportunities with United Way and within the community.

Q: What is your relationship to United Way Worldwide and other local United Ways?

A: United Way of the Capital Region is a separate organization with its own financial controls in place to ensure your gift is used appropriately. United Way of the Capital Region pays dues to United Way Worldwide and United Way of Pennsylvania, which amount to one percent of the total dollars raised, for use of the United Way name and logo, research, best practices information, national advertising and the cost of staff training and development.

Q: What is United Way’s position on coercion or forced giving?

A: United Way of the Capital Region’s Board of Directors has adopted the following policy on coercion:

“Giving is a personal matter and a personal decision; whether an individual wishes to give and how much he or she chooses to give, is entirely up to the individual and no form of coercion is acceptable.”

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