Serving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties in Central Pennsylvania.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development Community Pilot Project

In November 2017, United Way and our community partners launched the Road to Success workforce development pilot project to help the un- and underemployed obtain jobs where they can earn a living wage. Currently, 26 percent of local workers earn poverty-level wages.

What makes this project unique is it’s been developed through the lens of the employer and focuses on guiding an individual through the first year of work, as well as advancements in the workplace. The project includes wrap-around services, like transportation and child care, to help individuals stay on track. Currently, we are improving one-on-one counseling services to help more individuals become and stay employed.

As of October 1, 2019, the Road to Success pilot project has had the following results:

  • 172 individuals are enrolled in the program.

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